Cargo Loading Systems

Ancra’s line of on-board aircraft Cargo Loading Systems are used on numerous commercial platforms for primarily wide body (e.g., A300-600SF, A330-200F, B747-400SF, MD10/MD11 and B767-300SF) and narrow body (e.g., B737-300SF/QC/C, B737-400SF/QC/C and B757-200SF/C) aircraft. Integral to the design of our Cargo Loading System designs are effective and efficient Conveyance and Guidance products.

Mechanical Systems

For over forty years, Ancra has principally designed, developed, tested, manufactured and supported mechanical main deck Cargo Loading Systems for many types of aircraft. We deliver directly to the Airframe Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) as well as to passenger-to-freighter conversion providers in support of safely and efficiently moving pallets, ULD’s, specialty containers and more, on-board today’s various freighter aircraft.

Powered Systems

To accommodate cargo size and loads for the B747-400, Ancra’s fixed, steerable, pan-mounted 3" Power Drive Units (PDU’s) offer power for our main deck Cargo Loading System design. We also have designs for the B767-300ER as well as other models.

We offer 3" Power Drive Units that are drop-in replacement PDU’s for the lower deck cargo compartments of the B747-400, B767-300/-400 and B777-200/-300, and 2” Power Drive Units (PDU’s) that are pan mounted in conveyance trays currently used on lower deck cargo compartments of the B747-400.  Ancra is expanding its use to other platforms in the near future.

Power Drive Units
Guidance and Conveyance