litter bracket straps

Military Applications

On land, in the air, and at sea, Ancra Military Systems products are deployed with the U.S. armed forces and with NATO, friendly governments, and armed forces around the world. Our varied portfolio includes such products as cargo nets, gunner platforms and gunner sling for the HMMWV, straps, latches, tensioners, and a variety of custom-engineered cargo restraints and handling systems and products for fixed wing, rotary aircraft, and ground vehicle systems. Ancra provides versatile, cost-effective and reliable equipment and solutions for all branches of the military.

gunner platform

Humvees and More

For the many versions of the multi-purpose Humvee – weapons carrier, armored TOW missile variant and maxi-/mini-ambulance – Ancra supplies vital logistic-handling components:

  • Adjustable gunner platform for stable footing in turret area
  • Turret locking mechanism to position and prevent rotation during firing
  • Tool tray for storing emergency tools such as picks and shovels
  • Bulk storage nets, straps and brackets for securing litters and oxygen bottles in maxi-/
    mini-ambulances during all-terrain maneuvers.

cargo netsAncra has served the military all over the world with versatile innovations. Ancra has improved the design of armament pallets. Prior to a redesign effort, projectiles were banded with steel strapping, stored and transported on wooden pallets with wooden covers. During the development of a new steel pallet and cover, Ancra designed a replacement for the steel banding – a bayonet-type latch that secures the cover to the pallet, forming a fully reconstitutable projectile pallet that’s been approved by the Army and Navy for 155 mm projectiles.

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